Fluff Waxing

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The FIRST and upmost PREMIER waxing salon in Penang since 2007. Offering a wide range of products & services for the hygiene, sexiness and dashing look.


Hygiene is our mantra, speed our virtue and quality our worth.

Lux Lashes

xPerience Lux Lashes


Now comes in 2D, 3D and 6D


Daily maintenance is a thing of past. Now you can have that sexy & gorgeous Hollywood Lashes in the hand of our best of the best


embroidery enhancement

Natural in color & long lasting with the latest embroidery technique.


Look sharp and be sharp. Such privileges is now available for everyone. It's no longer a celebrity only enhancement. 

Brazilian Waxing

FLUFF signature "Brazilian waxing"

Our signature treatment so that excess hair is a thing of the past!

We are set to wax, buff and beautify


As the first professional waxing salon in Penang and after more than a decade of service, now known in town as "THE PLACE" for waxing, hence waxing industry itself is FLUFF