the first born, the best in town

Born as the first wax concept store in town specializing in waxing treatments back in 2007, now with eyelash extension & eyebrow embroidery enhancement added into our speciality.


The Brazilian is our signature treatment so that excess hair is a thing of the past! Fluff is set to wax, buff and beautify to bring out the gorgeous factor in all parts of your body from tootsies to brows and everything in between. We are bringing Paris to Penang, we only use the best of Perron Rigot products which are imported straight from Paris and will make sure that hair grows back slower and softer. Not because we don't want to see you at Fluff more often but our quality is paramount. 


We sell an array of exclusive products such as our very own Fluff Scrub-a-licious, put together by our experts to best prepare your skin for your waxing treatments. There are also some great waxing aftercare products available. Before Fluff, we always wonder; what do the girls in Penang do when housekeeping is needed "down there"? Go at it with razors, creams and tweezers? It came to us; we need to make this happen in Penang and not just for us but for everybody on the island! Easier said than done of course, but with great enthusiasm we put our heads together and Fluff was born.


Specializing in waxing treatments, particularly in Brazilian, even the tiniest bikini or underwear only shows smooth skin.


Hygiene is our mantra, speed our virtue and quality our worth.


As the first professional waxing salon in Penang and after more than a decade of service, now known as "THE PLACE" for waxing, hence waxing itself is Fluff. FLUFF is WAXING and now we regard ourself as the waxing industry.


xPerience that define

the industry

Located in one of Penang most prestigious mall, the GURNEY PLAZA.


As the first professional waxing salon in Penang and after more than a decade of service, now known in town as "THE PLACE" for waxing, hence waxing industry itself is FLUFF