Who on earth has this Brazilian thing done!

Salma Hayek, Kate Moss, Shakira, Lucy Liu, Lindsay Lohan, Martha Stewart, Jennifer Aniston, Felicity Huffman, Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Sammi Cheng and the list goes on!

We started to wonder; what do the girls in Penang do "down there"? Go at it with razors, creams and tweezers? It came to us; we need to make this happen in Penang and not just for us but for everybody on the island!

Easier said than done of course, but with great enthusiasm we put our heads together and Fluff was born.

Fluff; the first wax concept store in town specializing in waxing treatments, particularly the Brazilian, so that excess fluff is a thing of the past and even the tiniest bikini or underwear only shows smooth skin.

Fantastic Mani's and Pedi's are hard to find, even with so many places having them on offer. We have hired the best of the best and now offer CHANEL Mani's and Pedi's at affordable prices but great quality.

We also found out that girls in Penang can only get a tan the old fashioned way by baking in the sun so we decided we need to give them the opportunity to have a great tan without going to the beach.

Add to all this great merchandise, GiGi Honee aftercare products and Fluff Scrub-A-Licious; you have one great store where we hope to see you soon.

Sonia & Marloes