The first wax concept store in town specializing in waxing treatments, eyelash extension, eyebrow and eyeliner enhancement embroidery.

The Brazilian is our signature treatment so that excess hair is a thing of the past!

Fluff is set to wax, buff or beautify to bring out the gorgeous factor in all parts of your body from tootsies to brows and everything in between.

For our waxing we only use GiGi Honee products which are imported straight from the USA and will make sure that hair grows back slower and softer. Not because we don't want to see you at Fluff more often but our quality is paramount.

We sell an array of exclusive products such as our very own Fluff Scrub-a-licious, put together by our experts to best prepare your skin for your waxing treatments. There are also some great GiGi Honee aftercare products available.

Hygiene is our mantra, speed our virtue and quality our worth.
FLUFF is WAXING, the waxing industry