CHANEL Manicure and Pedicure

Using only the best products and making hygiene our number one priority, Fluff is proud to present our Spa Mani and Pedi By CHANEL.

Since we found that there is not one brand in the market that provides a complete range to our satisfaction we have taken the best of each brand. We use OPI for the base and top coat, Fluff cream and scrub to make your hands and feet silky soft and CHANEL polish to top it off nicely.

The treatment is started by removing the old nail polish and then gently cleaning and disinfecting your hands or feet. We then shape your nails in the desired shape using clipper and or files. For your feet we use a special cream that is applied and then left to rest with foil covering them, this to soften the hard skin so that its easier and more effectively removed later on. Our therapist then applies a product on the cuticles and the hands or feet are left to soak for a while. Your cuticles will then be tended to. For your pedicure we will now remove the hard skin on your feet,this is done using a "one time use" file. The next step is a lovely scrub so that the skin has a chance to renew itself. After the scrub some oil will be applied to your nails and you will get a lovely massage using a nourishing cream.

A base coat is applied on the nails. If you want we can use a nail strengthening base coat for you at no extra charge. Now its time for your favourite CHANEL color. Then a topcoat is applied over the nail polish. .

Our tools are of the highest imported quality and we make sure they are properly disinfected before each treatment with medical grade disinfecting machines.